Designing Art

Designing Art is an art platform based in the multicultural European capital, Brussels, that addresses and promotes the space for reflection on art and design production.

Applying design methodologies, more specifically design thinking and conceptual design, to art production, we bridge the gap between art and design.

We want to feel free to think together of what might be! How can we use art and design to make this world a better place?

We don’t look for that final answer, formulate or expect a unique answer. This involves an understanding of the wide variety in people’s needs and how to meet them with products, services & processes. We look into similarities and differences between Art and Design sectors, open up a dialogue and present new formats of connection and collaboration.

We understand the complementary nature of multiple solutions coming from different perspectives. Multicultural diversity is the reality we embrace.

Our intention is to ease the access for the general public to high quality art products and productions. Moreover, to find a sustainable contextual frame for a conscious exchange between Art and Design where the focus on social improvement is fundamental, in the form of social entrepreneurship.

It’s our ambition to stay ahead and visible as an art platform that clearly and consistently optimizes the time applied in art research.

We believe in and promote change.
We do so RIGHT NOW!

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